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5 Days Trekking In Armenia

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  • Vacation Style Adult Group
  • Activity Level Quite Tough
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  1. Yerevan

    Classic city tour

  2. Climbing Geghama Mountains. Climbing from Sevaberd to the Lake Akna

    Route lengths - 12km Height variation: Sevaberd village- 2100m Akna Lake - 3030m. Overnight: Lake Akna. Camp and other items will be transported by off-road vehicles.

  3. Lake Akna – Azhdahak - Tar (Per wish)

    Route length - 10km Height variation: Lake Akna- 3030m Azhdahak- 3597m Azhdahak Camp 3100m. As per wish of participants, it is possible to reach the pick of Mount Tar by 30 minutes long hike from Azhdahak and see Crater Lake of the Mount as well.

  4. Azhdahak-Vanki Lake – Geghard Plateau

    The Route length – 15km Height variation: Azhdahak Camp 3100m Vanki Lake -2800m. Geghard platou-2200. Overnight: Geghard Plateau

  5. Geghard Plateau – Havuts Tar Monastery – Garni – Geghard- Yerevan

    The route length – 10km: Height variation: Geghard platou-2200 Garni gorge-1330 Garni tample-1400. Overnight: Yerevan

Gevorg Gasparyan

Gevorg Gasparyan



Important notes:


-        during the hiking, all items are transported by 4x4 vehicles. Hence participants should have only small backpack, with up to 30 liter capacity;


-        for each 6-8 tourists, one guide service is required;


-        during hiking routes, lunch breaks will be held in field conditions by pre-prepared food packages;


-        breakfasts and dinners will be held in the camp by cook and served in the big tent;


-        guides always has first aid modern box and radio-connectivity;


-        in the process of routes’ development, securing safety was taken into account, according to which the main part of the trails are accessible for 4x4 vehicles and in case of any necessity it is possible to arrange evacuation of  participants;


-        participants should have their own hiking boot, hiking stick, hat, sunscreen, glasses, Geretex jacket, rain jacket, gaiters, sleeping bag with comfort rating  designed  for -5C degree,  headlamp, personal glass.


-        4-season tents designed for 2-3 persons, 


-        sleeping mattresses (thickness 3 cm);


-        portable camping toilet and solar shower is available;


-        in June, night temperature in Geghama Mountains sometimes drops up to 0 – (-5) degrees, hence participants can take either warmer sleeping bag or thermo wearing for the overnight stay;


-        the best period for the given route is July-September. However depending on rainfall of the given year, in certain cases, sub-summit segment of Aragats Mountain may be covered by snow at the end of June. For this reason, please take into consideration this fact as well and be prepared with items required (Gaiters). 


-        please be tolerant to the fact, that depending on weather forecasts, the sequence of routes may be changed or totally removed from the program: being replacing by another route to ensure program efficiency;


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