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Levon Sargisov

He was born in 1935, in Tbilisi; in Armenian family.

Its mountaineering path he started in 1960, and at the age of just 37 he reached all 7000 m peaks in former USSR, including Pamir, Tian Shan. He had one principle; always choose the most difficult route to climb. In 1975 – 1991, he was a coach of Caucasian club. Among climbs of that period, he climbed peak of Mt. Victory, McKinley and Kazbek with 5 mountaineers with disabilities.

In 1999, May 5, Levon Sargisov became the world oldest man to summit the Mount Everest, beating the record of Spaniard Ramon Blanco, who climbed Mount Everest at the age of 60. From the last camp to the summit, he started climbing early morning and reachedthe top at 13:00. All his summits were specified with surprising speed. Now, Levon Sargisov lives in Tbilis. In 2014, we had an opportunity to meet with Levon during the climb to the Mt Ararat. At the age of 77 he climbed also Mt Ararat.

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