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Duration` 1 day;
Altitude fluctuation` 2400-3597m

At present, Azhdahak, is the highest point of the longest Geghama Mountain ranges of Armenia. There is the lake in the crater of volcano Azhdahak, with an idealroundness of 360 degrees, and depth of 8m. The views from the top of the Mount to Ararat Valley and Sevan Lake, as well as to numerous volcanic cones of mountain ranges and etc. are so beautiful and stunning.

Options 1 – The tour starts from Sevaberd village, from where participants, via 12km length road, will be transported by off-road vehicles to Akna Lake situated at an altitude of 3200m. The walking path will start from Akna Lake to the top of Azhdahak, one way direction is 8km. Depending on physical preparedness and time, it is possible to proceed from Azhdahak top to Tar Mount via mountain saddle and enjoy the beauty of Crater Lake of the Mount. To return, participants can return to the start point -8km (Akna Lake) or walk from Azhdahak to the mountain foot called Geghmaghan, from where participants will get down to Sevaberd villageby universal vehicles. The length of the second option of hiking will be 14km.

Option 2 – The route starts from Goght village, from where participants will be transported to Vishap Lake by universal vehicles, where there are more than 6000 years old vishapakarer and petroglyphs. From Vishap Lake to the Azhdahak Mountain foot, the route will be continued by vehicles. From the mountain foot, two-sided hiking length can vary from 3-5km, depending on the road accessibility. Depending on the group physical preparedness and time, it is possible to proceed from the top of Azhdahak to Tar Mount via mountain saddle and enjoy the beauty of the Crater Lake of the Mount. The return route will be the same: by universal vehicles to Goght.

Total price for the program 
4 participants– 19.500 AMD per person
6 participants– 13.000 AMD per person
8- 10 participants– 16.500 AMD per person
12 participants- 15.500 AMD per person

– Transportation with off road cars
– Guide service

The price doesn’t include cost for meals.

During the hike, participants’ gears will be transferred by off-road vehicles from village to camp, so they will only carry small backpacks. Depending on weather forecast, route sequence may be changed or completely removed from the program by replacing with another one. Depending on number of participants, preparedness, walking speed, certain changes to each route may apply, in order to ensure effectiveness of the program.  During hikes, lunch breaks will be arranged in the field conditions by pre-prepared food packs. Guides are always equipped with first-aid up-to-date boxes, raincoats relevant to the number of participants, radio connection. For overnight stays, necessary camp items used are designed for mountain conditions.
Participants should have their sleeping bags designed for -100C weather condition, hiking pole, cap and sunscreen.