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Duration: 01 Aug 2015 - 07 Aug 2015
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In August 2013, “Arevi” Travel Company will organize climbing tour to the Biblical Mount Ararat.
The duration of the tour is 7 days and 6 nights.
The number of participants is 10-15.
Tour length: 55 km,
Fluctuation of altitudes: 2200 – 5165m,
The best period: from July to September

Day 1:
The group will depart from Yerevan for Armenian-Georgian boarder (Bavra), then will reach Georgian-Turkish border via Akhaltskha city, after passing it through Ardahan region will travel to Bayazet by passing Igdir. Tour participants will spend a night in Bayazet.

Day 2: Climb to the Mt. Ararat.
From Bayazet, the group will reach an altitude of up to 2200 meters of the Mt. Ararat by vehicle, from where will start walking path. After 4-5 hours of walk, the tour participants will reach first camp, located at an altitude of up to 3300m, where overnight stay will be held.

Day 3:
After the breakfast, the group will continue to walk up to the height of 4100m, where the second camp is located. Participants will take the rest and get prepared for the next day climb. Overnight stay will be in the camp located at an altitude of 4100m.

Day 4: Climb to the Summit of Mt. Ararat  5165m.
At night, around 1:00 – 2:00am the group will continue its mission to the Summit of Mt. Ararat. Depending on weather conditions, in this segment of the climb, the temperature may vary from 00C to -150C. In case of favorable weather, participants will have a chance to see territories of Armenia, Persia, Nakhichevan, Turkey, as well as to admire the scenes of Aragats Mount, Geghama mountain ranges and etc. After taking of photos and celebrating successful climb, participants will start the way down to the camp located at the height of 4100m, afterwards reach the height of 3300m and spend overnight stay in the camp located there.

Day 5:
After the breakfast, the group will continue the way back to the foot of Mt. Ararat and will be transported to Bayazet. In the evening, the group will have an opportunity to visit the Daroink Castle and old Bayazet. Overnight stay will be held in Bayazet.

Day 6:
The group will depart for Van by visiting wonderful waterfalls of Berkri on the way. Participants will visit Akhtamar St. Cross Church, which is considered as the first of the seven churches of Armenian architecture by its unique architectural solutions, ornaments and sculptures. After the time of swimming and testing tarekh (fish type) of Van Lake, the group will travel to the Castle of Tushpa (Van Fortress, 9th century BC), where cuneiform inscriptions and mausoleum of kings of Sardar and Argishti are maintained. Afterwards, the tour participants will see the door of Mher. Later, the group will return from Van to Kars and spend the night there.

Day 7: Tour Kars – Ani
In the morning, the group will have an opportunity to tour through the streets of Kars, to see the ruins of childhood home of Armenian famous poet Yeghishe Charents, as well as many buildings of Armenian architecture in the period of 19-20 century. After visits to Kars Fortress, Bridge of Vardan and St. Arakelots church, tour participants will leave for Ani; the city of a thousand and one churches. Having delightful tour throughout Ani, the group will depart for Yerevan.

Important Notes
During the climb to the Mount Ararat, items of participants will be transported by horses. Depending on weather conditions, additional one-day overnight stay may be required, for which extra expenditures won’t be required from participants.
Up to physical preparedness of participants, before start the main tour program, a few preparatory multi-climbing tours will be held to the Mounts of Ara, Hatis and Aragats. The Tour Program doesn’t encompass costs of these multi-programs.

Participants must have their own:
7. Ski uniform
8. Mountain climbing boots
9. 2 carrying bags (big and small)
10. Warm sleeping bag
11. Mountain climbing-sunglass
12. Head lantern

The cost of the tour package is 785$, which includes
1. Hotel, breakfast, lunch, dinner
2. High quality transport
3. Guide services
4. Service of 2-3 escorts
5. Provision of tents, mattresses, crampons
6. Entrance fees for all sights
7. Visa Cost
8. Travel Insurance