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Duration: 01 Aug 2015 - 05 Aug 2015
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Tour duration – 5 days, 4 nights;
Hiking distance is – 45km;
Altitude change- 2200-5047m;
Mountaineering complexity – 2A;
Tour participants number – 10-12;
The best season- July-September.

The Mount has two peaks, Eastern – 5047m and Western – 5033m. Usually, mountaineers climb eastern peak, which is 14m higher than western peak.

Day 1.
The group will depart from Yerevan for Armenian-Georgian border (Sadakhlu), then passing Tbilisi City reach up to Stepantsminda (Kazbeki) village at 1750m of altitude. Overnight stay will be held in the hotel.

Day 2.
Early in the morning, participants will be transferred to TsmindaSameba (2200m) Monastery complex by off-road vehicles, where the climb will start to Meteo-station, located at an altitude of 3750m. The route passes through Seberian bends, from where a picturesque view to the summit of the Mt Kazbek and Gergeti Glacier is opened. Green path ends near Gergeti Glacier. Crossing glacier, participants will reach Meteo-station. Crossing of the glacier doesn’t present a problem, but in case of rainy weather, it becomes a sliding and use of crampons is obligatory. Trekking lasts 6-7 hours. The group stays for a night at the shelter of Meteo-Station.

Day 3 Acclimatization.
For acclimatization purposes, after the breakfast, the group will climb up to the Kazbek plateau located at the altitude of 4200m, then return back to Meteo-station again. Participants will spend a third night at the Meteo-Station as well.

Day 4 – Climb up to the Summit 5047m.
At night, around 2:00-3:00am, participants will start climbing up to the Summit. In general, climb from 3750m to 5047m and back route takes about 11-12 hours. Starting from sub-summit segment, some mountaineering skills are required from participants, handling of rope and icebreaker, since glacier slope of the summit part reaches about 35 decree and more. After summit, participants will return back to the Meteo-Station and spend a night at the shelter. (Depending on physical condition and whish of the group, it may be possible to get down to TsmindaSameba (2200m) Monastery Complex in the same day and be transferred to the hotel by off-road vehicles).

Day 5 .
Early in the morning, participants will get down to Stepantsminda village from Meteo-Station and travel to Yerevan, having lunch on the way, at the coast of the Lake Arakvi. The group will also have a time for swimming.

Participants should have their own:
1. ski uniform
2. mountain climbing boots
3. 2 backpacks (big 70-80 liter and small 25-30 liter)
4. sleeping bag (for temperature of -5C0)
5. mountain climbing-sunglasses
6. hiking poles
7. icebreaker
8. spring-hooks
9. crampons
10. helmet
11. security belt
12. sun-cream
13. head lantern

The cost of the tour package:
The cost per person is 435$ (in case of 10 participants)
The cost per person is 395$ (in case of 12 participants).

The cost includes:
1. high quality transport;
2. overnight stays in the hotel and Meteo-Station;
3. one dinner and one breakfast (at the hotel);
4. services of 2 escorts;
5. off-road vehicle rent;
6. travel Insurance;
7. climbing permit.

The cost doesn’t include food on the mountain, since each participant must carry and cook its own food during the climb. There is a kitchen in the Meteo-station for the cooking. Food selection will beaccording to advice of guides.

Important notes:
– during the mountain climb, participants must carry their own items via big backpack. An alternative option can be a transfer of items by a horse up to the Gergeti Glacier, which is an additional service;

– depending on weather conditions, it may be required to spend one more night on the mountain, for which participants won’t pay additional cost;

– depending on participants physical preparedness, some preparatory climbs will be held prior to the climbing tour (handling with rope, icebreaker and etc.);

– in the process of rope use, each guide will be followed by 6 participants in the same junction;

– necessary gear/equipment will be provided by “Arevi”, through its partner stores and companies, by offering flexible discount system;

– it is also possible to rent crampons, spring-hooks and icebreakers;

– gear checking will be conducted by responsible program staff, before departure of participants.
Program guides are Ruben Kirakosyan and Ivan Rudomyotkin.