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For tourists coming to Armenia

-While collecting the baggage, you have to know, that hot summers (+25C- +40C) and cold winters(-25C- -1C) are waiting for you. Armenian spring is very short, but instead of it you can enjoy the long and pleasant autumns.

-It doesn’t matter, when you are coming to Armenia, bring warm clothes with you, because even in summer the temperature is low in the countryside.

-You’ll need skin moisturizing ointment: The climate here is dry, and waters coming from the mountain springs are drying your skin.

-You may go to hairdresser’s, as it costs much cheaper, than in other countries of the world, besides it’s the very place to make friendship with people.

-If you live in the centre of Yerevan, you will not need take bus. But if you have to take, prefer bus, underground and taxi, as minibuses here are not so comfortable.

-You have better to take taxi belonging to taxi services: on these cars there are written the names of their services. You may call or just stand in the pavement and take taxi.(1km-100amd,the minimal-600 amd).

-The drivers and passers-by in Armenia are not so attentive, so while crossing the street you should be very attentive to traffic lights whether the path is ,,open,, or ,,closed,,.

-If you want to buy some food, you have better to choose supermarkets, as food is always fresh there, although there are lots of mini-shops in Yerevan.

-Vegetables and fruit here are very tasty, so try them, as you can’t get anywhere in the world such healthy vegetables and fruit.

-Traditionally we serve meat and greasy food, so be ready for 2 or 3 hot meals during dinners and suppers. In such cases matsun ( mineral waters will help you.

-Generally we use water coming from the tap in Armenia, but if you are not used to it, you can buy water in bottles. Of course our water is very tasty, especially in some places.

-If you see people looking at you very attentively, don’t get surprised: people here are very curious. It means that you are not like the others or they guess you are a tourist.

-If somebody tell you a story which will seam to you unbelievable, don’t think that they lie. People in Armenia just like to exaggerate!

-In the case of listening loud voices, do not be anxious, it will not be an argument or trouble. Here in Armenia people speak in a loud voice

-Keep in touch with people, Sure our museums, nature, khachkars ( and places of interest are very interesting, but the most interesting and unique treasure here are Armenians.

-Dental services are also very cheap and of high quality in Armenia! So if you think to have some problems with it, do not lose the opportunity to solve it here.

-Don’t take to heart everything and smile every time, as humor is very appreciated in our country…Try to be easy-going.

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