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The most important highlights about Armenia

  • Heaven was located in the East according to the Old Testament, where there were 4 rivers: Fison, Geon, Tigris and Euphrates, the first two names are unknown; the other two begin from the Armenian Highland. It can be assumed that other rivers are Araks and Kur. Therefore, the Garden of Eden has been situated in the Armenian Highland.

  • When flood waters receded, the Ark of Noah landed on the Mount Ararat according to the Bible, where Noah came down to the Ararat Valley and planted first seeds of grape and prepared first sacrifice-table.

  • Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as an official religion in AD 301.

  • The Armenian Alphabet was invented in AD 405 by Mesrop Mashtots.

  • Unlike many multinational countries, Armenians comprise 96 % of the population of Armenia.

  • In some mountain hikes, you can see thousands of 6000-8000 years old petroglyphs at altitude of 3000-3500m.

  • Currently, the highest point of Armenia is Mount Aragats (4090). It has 4 peaks, and the crater, with its territory, is considered to be the largest in the Caucasus.

  • Armenia is one of the first countries worldwide, with the diversity of its flora – more than 100 species per square km. 3500 plant species from 150 families of exclusive diversity grow in Armenia.

  • Yerevan, the Capital of the Republic of Armenia is 29 years older than Rome.

  • The world’s oldest shoe is found in Armenia, which is 5500 years old.

  • Today, the world’s longest ropeway “Wings of Tatev”, with the length of 5.7km, is located in one of the ancient places of the Republic of Armenia – in Tatev. The highest point of ropeway is 380 meters above of the ground. It crosses picturesque gorge of Vorotan River, stretches through mounts covered by forests, by connecting stations located in Halidzor village and Tatev Monastery complex.

  • Matenadaran (The Institute of Ancient Manuscripts) after St.Mesrop Mashtots is located in Yerevan, which is considered one of the largest museum -institutes of the world, where more than 17.000 autograph and copied manuscripts written not only in Armenian, but also in different languages (Greek, Latin, Arabic, Persian, Assyrian, Hebrew, Ethiopian, Indian, Japanese) and over 300.000 archival documents are maintained.

  • Geghard “Holy Lance” was preserved in Ayrivank- Armenia, by which the Roman soldier has pierced the side of Jesus. Nowadays, Vank is called Geghardavank, and geghard is kept in Etchmiadzin.