10 Days Hiking Tour , Arevi
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10 Days Hiking Tour

This 10 days duration awesome program will let you to know more about Armenia, feel extreme in Armenian mountains. Find out more about local's culture by hiking and seeing the best view at your feet.


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All about 10 Days Hiking Tour

Important notes:

1.  Please be tolerant to the fact, that depending on weather forecasts, the sequence of routes may be changed or totally removed from the program: being replacing by another route to ensure program efficiency;

2.  During hiking routes, lunch breaks will be held in field conditions by pre-prepared food packages;

3. Guides always have first aid modern box and radio-connectivity;

4.  In the process of routes’ development, securing safety was taken into account, according to which the main part of the trails are accessible for off-road vehicles and in case of any necessity it is possible to arrange evacuation of participants;

5.  Season- April-October (please note that from April to May Aragats mount climb is not required for tourists. In this case Aragats climb will be changed by another mount, depending on a group request.) In June it’s mostly covered by snow. 

Whats included in this tour

-         High quality transport

-         Guide services (1 English speaking hiking guide)

-         Hotels

-         Entrances

-         Meals


 The price does not include.

-Air ticket

-Travel insurance

  Participants should have waterproof boots, gaiters, windstoper jacket, hat, gloves, sun glasses, sun cream, hiking stick. 

  1. Day 1 Yerevan – Matenadaran – City Tour- Genocide Monument & Museum

    Arrival early morning and transfer to Hotel. Rest in Hotel. Breakfast at 10:00 am. The excursion starts at 11:00am with visit to Matenadaran Museum, which houses a unique collection of ancient manuscripts covering such lofty topics as philosophy, law, mathematics, medicine and geography,. After lunch Tour in the City. Conclude the day with a visit to the Genocide Monument and Museum. Lunch/Dinner, overnight in Yerevan.

  2. Day 2 Yerevan –Spitakavor – Proshaberd Citadel –Yeghegis

    We begin our exploration of Southern Armenia. Driving to the south we gain impressive views of the mountains, bizarre rocks and weirdly sculptured erosions add to the impressions. We start hiking to Spitakavor monastery. Walking through the village, we have an opportunity to meet and chat with locals and gain a true insight into their traditional ways of life. The trail continues through rough slopes and leads directly to Proshaberd Citadel crowning the rocky peak. Here we are rewarded for our efforts by the dramatic views of the mountains and the valley below. Picnic lunch during trekking. Dinner and overnight in Yeghegis village in the hotel. Trekking distance 14 km Altitude Vernashen village 1529m Spitakavor 2180 m Proshaberd Citadel 2380 m

  3. Day 3 Yeghegis –Smbataberd –Tsaghats Kar –Yeghegis

    We are ready to continue our adventures in Southern Armenia. We begin hiking to Smbataberd, a well-preserved medieval citadel built by King Smbat (12 km round trip). The setting of Smbataberd is perhaps the most beautiful in Armenia, with Arpi river valley at your feet. Here we have the blissful feeling of freedom from the mundane that only truly comes after a few days of travelling nature’s way – on one’s own feet. Then we hike to the isolated Tsakhats Kar Monastery. In the end of the day we will visit Shatin observation point to see Bezoar Goats on the opposite side of the gorge. Picnic lunch during trekking. Dinner and overnight in Yeghegis village in the hotel. Trekking distance 14 km Altitude Yeghegis is 1532m Smbataberd is 1950m Tsaghatsqar is 2078m

  4. Day 4 Yeghegis – Tatev – Devil’s Bridge – Khendzoresk – Yeghegis

    Continue further to the South, on endlessly winding roads leaping through gorges over the mountains of Syunik. The trail is a perfect combination of natural and cultural wonders. We take the cable car (world’s longest) to the 9th century Tatev Monastery overlooking the Vorotan valley. After visiting monastery we start our trekking to the Tatev Big Hermitage in Vorotan valley and after we continue walking to the limestone caverns of the Devil’s bridge with natural hot baths in a gorge so narrow, that the sun hardly reaches the bottom. Drive to Khendzoresk cave town at the altitude of 1580 m on the steep slopes of Deep Gorge. Picturesque rock formations and gently inviting nature make this one of Armenia’s most popular sites. On to Goris, a cozy town with fine stone houses with arched windows and balconies on tree-lined lanes. The pace of life is slow here with little commercial or industrial activity, or even tourist kitsch, so it really feels like you stepped back in time. Driving back to Yeghegis. Dinner and overnight in Yeghegis. Distance – 6km (3-4 hours) Altitude Tatev Monastery 1565 m Devil’s bridge 1026 m

  5. Day 5 Caravanserei –Noraduz –Lake Sevan – Sevanavank – Sevan

    Drive to Lake Sevan via the Selim Pass to the Caravanserei (built in 1332 at 2410 m height). Followed by the visit to the Khatchkars (stone crosses) collection of Noraduz. Drive to Lake Sevan, one of the few highly located big lakes (1900 m above sea level) in the world – presenting a nice Peninsula with the beautiful IX century churches of Sevanavank, viz. St. Astvatsatsin and St. Arakelots. Lunch in Chekalovka at the lake side. Dinner and overnight in Dilijan/Sevan.

  6. Day 6 Sevan – Lake Parz – Dilijan National Park – Goshavank – Lake Gosh

    Drive to Parz (Crystal) Lake to start the hike in Dilijan National Park along stunning forest trails, cross the wildly beautiful Areguni pass and reach Goshavank Monastery where the great scholar of the 13th century Mkhitar Gosh is buried. Lookout for morning birds that are particularly active at this time, explore the enchanting nature of the park as we take a gentle walk on well-defined forest trails. For those with more energy to burn we offer a short but absolutely fantastic walk to Lake Gosh above Goshavank. End the day with a drive to Dilijan, a small town that captures the spirit of rural Armenia and check in at our hotel. Evening visit to Old Dilijan complex on historic Shamambertan street, experience the town as it was in the 19th century and observe the weaving of carpets by local women at Tufenkian Carpet Showroom. Lunch during the trekking. Dinner and overnight in Dilijan. P.S. If the group will trek to Lake Gosh (6km), the whole distance of trekking of the day with Lake Gosh will be 13 km, if they will not trek to lake Gosh, the distance of trekking of the day without lake Gosh will be only 7 km. Distance 14 km Altitude Parz (Crystal) Lake 1344 m Goshavank Monastery 1232 m Lake Gosh 1423 m

  7. Day 7 Yenokavan –Lastiver Forests –Yerevan

    A wonderful forested route into the most rugged area of north-eastern Armenia as we head into a deep gorge before descending to cascading waterfalls and the most scenic meadows in Armenia. Follow the hiking trail to reach hidden caves of Lastiver, perhaps Armenia’s best-kept secret. All the time we have open views of the beautiful green plateau of Lastiver. Lunch during the trekking. Dinner and overnight in Yerevan. Distance 6 km Altitude Yenokavan 1365 m Lastiver 1130 m

  8. Day 8 Geghard – Garni – Azat River Canyon – Yerevan

    Visit to the cave Monastery Geghard. The name “Geghard” derives from the relics of the Armenian Apostolic church: the spear that one of the Roman guards had used to pierce the rib of crucified Christ. Next to Garni Temple, site of Roman Temple of the Sun built in the 1st century. Soon after Armenia adopted Christianity, the temple became the summer residence of Armenian royalty. After lunch, walking tp Azat river canyon to see the stone symphony of Garni. Dinner and overnight in Yerevan.

  9. Day 9 Yerevan – Aragats – Kari Lich (Stone Lake) – Yerevan

    Mt. Aragats, the highest peak of Lesser Caucasus is a popular target for mountaineers. The mountain has sub-alpine and alpine zones as well as four peaks and one of the biggest craters in the world, created by a volcano eruption in the distant past. The route up to Mt. Aragats is virtually uninhabited and has gently sloping hills with occasional shepherds and beekeepers, many wildflowers and great views. Hiking is especially spectacular in spring when the entire mountain is literally covered with poppies and mountain flowers. The most accessible peak of Aragats is the south peak, starting from Kari Lich (Stone Lake), we will take this 3 hour hike to the summit on a steady slope (3,879m). More challenging is the trek to the western summit (4,080m) with spectacular views to Mount Ararat. Lunch during the trekking. Dinner and overnight in Yerevan. Distance 14 km Altitude Kari Lich (Stone Lake) 3200 m South summit 3879 m Western summit (4,080m)

  10. Day 10 Yerevan

    Transfer to Yerevan-Zwartnots airport.

Gevorg Gasparyan

Gevorg Gasparyan


 Participants should have waterproof boots, gaiters, wind stopper jacket, hat, gloves, sun glasses, sun cream, hiking stick. 

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