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5 Days Trekking Tour in Vayots Dzor and Syuniq Regions

Experience an awesome tour in Vayots Dzor and Syunik Regions, one of the most beautiful and popular places in Armenia. Enjoy trekking and cultural exploration of Armenia.


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  • Vacation Style Adult Group
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All about 5 Days Trekking Tour in Vayots Dzor and Syuniq Regions

Important notes:

1. Please be tolerant to the fact, that depending on weather forecasts, the sequence of routes may be changed or totally removed from the program: being replacing by another route to ensure program efficiency;

2.  During hiking routes, lunch breaks will be held in field conditions by pre-prepared food packages;

3.  Guides always have first aid modern box and radio-connectivity;

4.  In the process of routes’ development, securing safety was taken into account, according to which the main part of the trails are accessible for off-road vehicles and in case of any necessity it is possible to arrange evacuation of participants;

Whats included in this tour

-  High quality transport

-  Guide services (1 trekking guide)

- Accommodations in B&B

- 4 breakfast, lunchboxes for 5 days

- 4 Dinners

- Rope way Ticket 

 The price does not include.

-Air ticket

-Travel insurance

Participants should have their own hiking boot, hiking stick, hat, sunscreen, glasses, Geretex jacket.

  1. Day 1 Dilijan- Vernashen – Spitakavor – Proshaberd Citadel –Shatin

    Our first stop is Gladzor village, a major center of science and calligraphy in medieval Armenia. From Gladzor we start hiking to Spitakavor Monastery passing the village of Vernashen. From Spitakavor participants will walk to Shativank Monastery and Shatin village. Here we are rewarded for our efforts by the dramatic views of the mountains and the valley below. Overnight stay will be in guesthouse in Shatin. Trekking distance 19 km

  2. Day 2 Smbataberd – Yeghegis River – Tsaghats Kar – Shatin Obersation Point

    We are ready to continue our adventures in Southern Armenia. We begin hiking to Smbataberd, a well-preserved medieval citadel built by King Smbat (12 km round trip). The setting of Smbataberd is perhaps the most beautiful in Armenia, with Arpi river valley at your feet. Here we have the blissful feeling of freedom from the mundane that only truly comes after a few days of travelling nature’s way – on one’s own feet. Then we reach the fertile valley of Yeghegis River where we hike to the isolated Tsakhats Kar Monastery. Our next stop will be at Shatin observation point to see Bezoar Goats on the opposite side of the gorge. Picnic lunch during trekking. Dinner and overnight in Shatin Village. Trekking distance 12 km

  3. Day 3 Shatin-Harzhis-Tatev

    The group will go for Harzhis village from Yerevan. Before enter the village, participants visit Harzhis caravanserai of 14th century, then to see fish-shape vishapakar in the central part, and then start hiking to the old village site located in Vorotan Gorge. There is also located Saint Minas Church of “Nerkin Shen”, remains of many buildings, cemetery with many khachkars and Khoy statue. After lunch break, the group walks to the medieval bridge (13th century), which passed by Silk Road, connecting old Harzhis with Tatev. On the way the group will see the lake formed on Vorotan River, mausoleum field, another church (13th century), where Alan King’s tomb with relevant inscription could be seen in an adjacent entrance. In the evening, the group will reach Tatev and spend a night at guesthouse (it is also possible to arrange tent overnight stay). Trekking distance 12 km

  4. Day 4 Tatev-Shinuhayr-Khot-Goris

    After visiting Tatev monastery participants will be transferred from Tatev to Halidzor Village by Ropeway (The world longest Ropeway), and then reach the road leading to Shinuhayr by vehicle. “Kusanats Anapat” (17th century), many buildings, Saint Stepanos church (17th century), monument-khachkar of 3m height (1261), cemetery and etc. are located in the territory of Old Shinuhayr. Later, participants walk through the gorge to the old village of Khot. The road is rich with many natural monuments, waterfalls and etc. The church called Mrgadzori Khach (5-6th century), many cave shelters, abandoned and semi-humble buildings, old village church, cemetery with medieval khachkars, mausoleum field and etc. are located in the territory of Old Village of Khot. The village is endlessly interesting itself and full with discoveries. Possible make longer trekking starting from old village of Halidzor. In this way total distance will be 11 km. Overnight stay will be in Goris Trekking distance 7 km

  5. Day 5 Yerevan

    In the morning participants will visit Cave village of Khndzoresk. Participants can walk to St. Hripsime church, visit caves and enjoy the nature of gorge. After Lunch return to Yerevan. In general, three villages are distinguished by their magnificent nature, location, historic-cultural value. These are holders of culture, lifestyle, life, difficulties of historic Syunik, which still have a necessity of many years discovery.

Gevorg Gasparyan

Gevorg Gasparyan


Participants should have their own hiking boot, hiking stick, hat, sunscreen, glasses, Geretex jacket.

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