Tips for those who plan to climb Mount Ararat.

Preparation Stage


·         Before the climbing take a visit to doctor. Tell one about your intention, complaints and possible problems. Follow doctor’s advices and take with you the medicine which you will need later: depending on your health state.

Trial Climbing

·         Trial climbing helps you to evaluate yourself, communicate with participants, and understand the rules and safety of climbing.

·         Do not think that these steps are unnecessary and you are physically ready to climb. It is not enough. You must get closer to the other participants, being ready to help them in hard situations, and make sure that you will get help from them also.  

·         If during the trial climb, you feel that you are physically not ready for much harder climbing, then develop special workout program for yourself and do it. We are always ready to help you with our advices.

Before the Climbing

·         Make your choice based on the list in the program: following advices of the group’s responsible. Pay attention on quality and ready equipment. Those must be light and reliable, otherwise it threatens your successful climbing. 

·         Pay a great attention on shoes and gloves. Toes and fingers are getting cold much easier than other parts. For avoiding that situation use the “choice of the property” listed in the program. Wear 2 pair of socks` cotton and technical textile network (doesn’t let to sweat therefore your feet won’t get cold) and woolen (Thermo: usually is made of Merinos type of sheep’s wool)

·         Wear jackets and trousers by established layers. It is preferable that those are waterproof, but at the same time made from breathing staff (GoreTex, NovaDry and so on), those must have clasps made for ventilation that gives a chance to avoid sweating.

During climbing

·         In the different levels of climbing the speed can be changed depending on physical abilities of the group, place and weather. The coach chooses the appropriate speed, which doesn’t let one to get tired, and gives 5-10 minutes break every 40-45 minutes. Keep the same speed with the coach, don’t think that you can do better and go ahead alone. It will just make your way harder and health worse.

·         The climbing directions sometimes change to left, right and other sides. Move only with the way your group goes. Never try to go out of the line and find shorter ways. It is for the safety of the group members.

·         While walking keep going with 1 line, moving with the speed given by the coach. If you get out of the line you might roll a stone on a participant below you, by accident.

·         Starting from 4200-4300m height, many people have dizziness, nausea, weakness, and slow reflexes and so on, which are typical for mountain sickness.

·         Be very careful when you take off your gloves for tightening the crampons, taking photos, turning on the lamp and other purposes, because you can immediately freeze your fingers. Except that be attentive that the wind doesn’t blow away your glove which you took off, otherwise it will mean that your climbing is failed.

·         Enjoy every minute being on the peak, but at the same time be ready to quickly get ready and go down to camp by the instruction of the coach. Never try to convince the coaches to stay longer on the peak, get lost from the vision, move with another direction and especially stay on the peak alone. It can threaten your health and life.

Trust you coaches.

·         During the climbing accept all the advices, offers given by the coaches because they are experts and it will provide you safe and organized climbing to the summit.


·          Citizens of the Republic of Armenia must have exit validity stamp, and must send the copy of their passport to [email protected]   at least 1 month before the tour.


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