Armenian Unique Cuisine

Everyone who has ever visited Armenia knows that it is a unique country, with its astonishing nature and friendly people, hidden beauty, warm atmosphere and of course tasty cuisine. That is what the blog is going to be about. We will explore Armenian special food and hope you will come try it yourself.


1.    Ghazghan Barbeque or Old Zangezur

Ghazghan’s barbeque is a unique dish of Syunik region made from beef, prunes and apple.


2.    Ker U Sus (Eat and Don’t Talk)

Well, the dish has a specific name, which has its explanation. The dish is actually spicy one; made so spicy that one cannot talk after eating it. However, it is not necessary to follow the rules if you do not like spicy food then you do not need to make it spicy. The ingredients are lamb and beef meat mixed with vegetables.


3.    Kolondrak (Snowball)

The word Kolondrak means Snowball in Artsakh. This dish is very popular in Artsakh and Syunik region. It is made from special kind of wheat (Pokhindz) with honey and is stuffed in prunes or dried apricot.


4.    Tavush Borani

Borani is very famous in Tavush Region. The main ingredient is boiled beef mixed with prunes, chestnut and fried onion.



5.    Khashil.

This dish is a lot cooked in different regions. It is Armenian breakfast. The main ingredients are` wheat, milk, butter and fried onion.



6.    Khokhob

The dish is made from chicken or lamb meat, mixed with butter, onion and grenade. Khobkhob was famous in Artsakh, but lately it is popular in Syunik Region as well.